Friday, May 1, 2009

Month in Review: April 2009

Alex and I agree: April was one of the strongest blogging months we've had yet, and I think the key factor here was variety. We covered a wider range of fandoms and topics than we have in a long while; the kinds of posts were more diverse than usual, from a guest post to news coverage to personal anecdotes; and a few of the posts were real keepers that gained us some attention outside of our regular group of loyal readers.

See for yourself just how delightfully eclectic April was:

- Issues six, seven, eight, nine, and ten of Waiting for Wednesday

- An update on the blogging of Valerie D'Orazio and the fate of FileFront

- Thoughts about the popularity and collecting of original comic art

- An introduction to the witty works of Discworld author Terry Pratchett

- An invaluable guide to attending fan conventions

- A celebration of our blog reaching 5000 hits, in which we also reveal the Secret Origin of our blog's name

- An introduction to the lightsaberrific "Ryan vs. Dorkman" fan films

- A discussion about the interplay between comics writers, comics artists, and getting published

- A creative list of 50 Things to Do This Weekend

- A post about pirates, paper piles, and escaping from reality

- A comparison of Dungeons & Dragons Version 3.5 and 4th Edition

- A belated tribute to D&D co-creators Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson

- A review of Stephen King's book On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

- YouTube videos of me playing through Mega Man 3, complete with retrospective audio commentary

- A discussion about Len Wein, co-creator of Wolverine and many other notable comic characters

- An introduction to Fluxx, the card game where the rules constantly change

- An introduction to Zophar's Domain, a multifaceted online video game resource

- An in-depth look at DC's Batman: R.I.P. that tries to make sense of everything

- A successfully unsuccessful attempt at giving advice about organizing your comics collection

- My explanation about why I don't often write about anime on this blog

- A reminder about the opening of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Free Comic Book Day

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