Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Taskbar Shuffle: Making life just a little easier

Sometimes the simplest, most obvious things are overlooked.

Any Windows user who's ever had way too many applications running at once can probably tell you how nice it would be if it were possible to rearrange the buttons on the taskbar. Even obsessively organized people such as myself are bothered when there are only two applications running, but they're listed in the wrong order on the taskbar. (It's Thunderbird first, then Winamp!)

Hooray for Taskbar Shuffle, then.

Taskbar Shuffle screenshotTaskbar Shuffle is about as simple a utility as they come: Taskbar Shuffle allows you to rearrange everything on your taskbar by dragging and dropping buttons and tray icons where you please.

Interested? Take a look at Taskbar Shuffle here.

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