Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why Blogging Is Hard

Blogging is hard.

Alright, so normal people just write about things that flow easily, such as their feelings and exciting news and their reactions to whatever popular new TV show they watched last night. (Charmed? Maybe Seinfeld? ...T.J. Hooker?)

Obviously, we are not normal people.

Of course, we blog about these "normal" things from time to time, but I prefer to write posts that (to quote our mission statement from the sidebar) "introduce, explain, discuss, and demystify various hobbies and fandoms to promote an understanding between geeks and to spark an interest in the things that interest us."

...Which is why it's been so difficult to blog lately.

When it comes time for me to post these days, I don't have the focus or the energy to write a true Exfanding post that introduces a fandom and provides eye-catching pictures and possibly more researched information than I'd care to deal with. I'd much rather just sprawl out on the couch and play video games (even if I can't actually play lying down).

If you think about it, I've been in creative overdrive for the past month and a half or so: between making YouTube videos of my run through Mega Man 3, contributing an absurd amount to the May issue of GameCola, maintaining GameCola's busy YouTube channel, adding to my walkthrough for the game Jetpack on GameFAQs, writing three big posts about Star Trek, and who knows what else, I'm more than ready to let my creative battery recharge. And that's to say nothing of the job searching or volunteer work I've been doing (and the cooking and the housework and the... yes, I do other things, too).

Oh, I've still got some creative ideas up my sleeves. There's an in-depth Exfanding post I'm looking forward to for this weekend. And I've already started working on recording a run of Mega Man 4 (playing it is the easy part; it's the audio commentary that takes the most effort). But for right now, as I'm still recharging, you can probably expect a few more short, lazy, off-topic, or non-diverse (read: sci-fi and video game) posts from me in the near future.

You know what the funny part is? I think some people might actually prefer it that way. Go figure.

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