Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BookExpo 2010!

So tomorrow I'll be off to the this year's BookExpo America--the first time I'll be going to the show as an exhibitor. Well, okay, not as an exhibitor, exactly. But I will have an exhibitor badge, since the company for which I work will be exhibiting.

Which is kinda exciting, actually.

BookExpo is kinda like Comic Con for book lovers--it's an industry-only event for the most part (though plenty of non industry people--fans--manage to find a way in). Just like comic cons, there are tons of booths with publishers promoting their upcoming product and authors signing books and giving talks to audiences.

Like I said, it's a cool, fun place to be.

This year, the show has been cut down by a couple of days--it won't run into the weekend, as it traditionally has. Which is pretty much typical of all publishing events over the past year-plus.

Sad, really, but certainly necessary, as the entire industry continues to crawl from the wreckage of the past two years. Last year, while everyone was busy putting on their happy, excited face, underneath it all was a very palatable sense of uneasiness.

I'd imagine this year will be a little smaller and maybe even a little cheerier. We'll see, though.

Last year, when I made the journey down the West Side Highway to the Javitz Center for the show, I was in a much different place, professionally speaking.

During that trip, I ended up meeting with several people in (and around) the comics industry about a graphic novel I wrote a couple of years back. And while that sounds like one of the coolest things ever, overall, it was an okay experience.

As I sat in traffic on the way home, I felt pretty good about some things, and pretty not so good about other things. Still, overall, a decent and productive time was had.

Plus, I got to see Neil Gaiman eat french fries.

That said, in light of recent events, I'd honestly just like to forget about the entire day at last year's show. But forgetting (and, frankly, forgiving) is just not in my nature.

I went to the show with people I no longer work with, and no longer speak to. Professional disagreements, you might say, caused such feelings. And, if I had to bet, I'd say that such feelings will linger for many years.

This year, though, I hope things are different. Actually, I don't need to hope. I know they'll be different. And I can't tell you how truly lucky I feel for that.

Plus, if I see Neil Gaiman eating french fries again this year, I am so going up to say hello.


A Philosophical Nerd said...

Cool! Have fun at the BookExpo. I actually didn't know they had one but it makes sense that they would. Neil Gaiman wrote a companion guide to The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy that I've been wanting to read.

Scott said...

I don't think Neil Gaiman will be there since he's been in the UK recently.

AJG said...

Thanks, guys!

The show was great and my recap post will be on the blog at 11:00 this morning.

And, yep, no Neil this year. Brad Meltzer was there, though.

But I didn't run into him...