Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Linking!

After a momentary spike back up to 41 Feed Readers, it appears we’ve finally done it. It’s official, people--we’ve annoyed the Internet. I guess it was bound to happen sometime.

I just wanna go on the record and say that I blame Nathaniel.

Our glorious, fleeting Internet fame was both glorious and fleeting. Without the glorious part. Still, you should have seen how the "power" went to Nathaniel's head. When the Secret Dutch Online Ventures Company approached us last year about buying the rights to Exfanding, Nathaniel was excited.

And then, when we flew all the way out there to meet with the Secret Dutch Company and they made their offer, Nathaniel just laughed.

And laughed. And laughed.

And then he threw his wallet at one of the guys, which, to this day, I still don't really understand.

Oh, well. Live and learn, I guess.

Anyway, on to the much anticipated (not really) Sunday Link Post (that’s actually written on Friday morning). And, man, do I have a good one for today.

On Friday, my brother and my cousin-in-law (yes, it’s a thing...he’s married to my cousin, so technically, it’s a real term) started emailing some ridiculous photos, as they do (every, single) Friday.

As per usual, most of the images they sent were funny. A couple were mean-spirited and directed towards me, and some were just stupid. Obviously, I loved them all. But this one.

This one.

Boy, did I rattle off an inappropriately loud laugh at work when it came over on the old email machine.
Some simple Googling on my part led me to the site from which this image was spawned. Motivated Photos is a fun, absurd, and (almost) harmless site wherein contributors create fake "motivational" posters.

You know, like those inspirational, "The only risk is the one you don't take" posters we all have hanging over a dusty excercise bike somewhere from way back in the nineties.

The fake posters on the site run the gamut from downright hilarious to downright offensive, and there’s plenty Safe for Work images scatterd about. But then there are gems like this one:
Which pretty much forced me to write about the site here. So, go ahead and have a look, have a laugh, and enjoy your Sunday.

'Til next time...


Anonymous said...

I am not sure about how to leave comments, but I do enjoy this blog. The story is funny and images were classic. I needed a laugh and you have accomplished that. Thanks Alex.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this week we will shift random picture Friday to Thursday to compensate for my day off Friday.