Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hey, Kids! (Free) Comics!

Hey Exfanders, welcome to the weekend! I’m coming to you pretty much live this morning (if you’re reading this in the morning, that is), and I am in the middle of thoroughly enjoying a lazy, useless Saturday.

Yep, nothing to do today but sit around and--hey, wait a minute!

Is it the first Saturday in May?! Hang on a sec, lemme go check the old calendar and--yep. First Saturday in May. Today. Right now. As I am typing this.

So the only question I have for you is, what the heck are you doing here, reading this blog, when you should be out picking up free--FREE!--comic books from your local comics shop!?

Did I mention that they’re free??

Today only (and on specially ordered titles only--the whole store’s not free, Bucky), comics shops around the country will be participating in the annual Free Comic Book Day celebration…uh…day. Thing.

Wherein participating stores get a whole bunch of books (usually one-shots, promotional titles, or reprints) from the publishers and hand them out to customers for free.

Many times, stores will have a signing or a sale coincide with FCBD, but I have heard from several retailers that doing such things on a day with so much foot traffic tends to be hectic and problematic.

Especially when you consider the fact that many non-comics people traditionally find their way to a store on FCBD, you can imagine how crazy and confusing things must get at places with limited staff.

I’ve been to a few of these things, dating back to the second annual event, and each time I’ve had fun. Mostly I go to pick up a handful of the free books. The first year I went, though. Yikes, but did I get everything.

Gotta have ‘em all, and all that.

Since then? I’ll get a handful of titles, including the releases from the bigger companies. I’ll usually go through the row of books, though, and grab one or two smaller press issues that look intriguing.

I always have a good time, even though most shops tend to get pretty crowded, pretty early in the day. One thing’s for sure, though--there will be plenty of like-minded folks at your shop today mingling it up with flat-out newbies.

Remember, every newbie is a potential new fan to our little world, so be nice to them (read: don't bite a newbie), and most importantly, have fun out there, everyone!

What are you doing still here?? Get going already!


Scott said...

My store used to use Free Comic Book Day as a way to get rid of old back issues they didn't want to keep because nobody would buy them. While it seems like a bit of a gyp, it's probably better than Captain America and The Avengers in The War on Drugs or something.

I picked up a signed copy of Green Goblin #1 once on Free Comic Book Day.

AJG said...

Yeah, I think stores use FCBD as a way to get rid of merchandise--either by flat-out giving it away, or by having a sale of some kind.

Did stores outside of the US do anything?

Scott said...

I didn't see anything in Japan, though there aren't really comic stores per se outside of larger chains like Animate. Everything's manga-centric and the idea of giving away free manga boggles my mind, since it's so expensive.