Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Blame YouTube

Today, there was supposed to be a big joint review of Iron Man 2. "Well," I figured, "I've got 45 seconds of audio commentary left to record for my next Mega Man YouTube video; I can just wrap that up, get everything processed and uploaded, and still have time for writing up my part of the review."

Of course, I know myself well enough to know that 45 seconds of commentary may take me 2 hours to record if I'm creatively tapped or not satisfied with the result. The fallback plan was an easy one: If I spent all my free time working on a Mega Man video, at least I'd have an easy link post to my new video. It's a cheap excuse for a blog post, but it keeps the blog wheels turning.

However, when everything goes wrong with the video process--which is always the case, without fail--I don't even have a finished product to write about. I have to resort to a post about why I don't have anything to write about, and I thought I'd moved beyond that phase already.

The short version? I discovered a few fancy video editing special effects that make my video exactly what I want it to be, except for the fact that the video is now too complex to be saved as a real movie file.

The shorter version? I've got at least two nights of tedious retooling and revamping ahead of me.

The shortest version? Phooey.

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