Saturday, May 29, 2010

John Hughes, the X-Men, and Awesome Saturday Linking

I've got a good link/photo post for this first day of the long holiday weekend. Which, by the way, I hope you're all enjoying thoroughly. Hopefully the weather's nice, the BBQ is hot, the company is interesting, and the drinks are cold.

And if not...well, then I hope at least the drinks are cold.

And if even that's not the case today, then I hope you'll find some pleasure in this post, featuring some great imagery from comics artist Cliff Chiang. I have to give credit to one of our readers--he goes by that pesky "anonymous" moniker in the comments sometimes--for bringing this link to my attention.

If you're like me, then you have a soft spot for 80s films--especially those films directed by the late, great John Hughes. The link highlights Chiang's latest piece, below, which rules.
My favorite Hughes movie, The Breakfast Club, gets the treatment, as well.
These pieces, including the Pretty in Pink riff above, are all part of Chiang's own "12-inch Remix" project, wherein the artist redesigns 80s album covers to star our favorite comics characters. You can check out more of Chiang's 80s-inspired comics art right here, on his blog.

Aside from the Hughes movie art, this is probably my favorite of the pieces.
Yeah, like I said, this stuff rules.

On that note, my food's ready, so go enjoy your weekend, everyone!


Dr. Nick Riviera said...

Anon no longer....although I suppose I'm really only trading one mysterious moniker for another.

AJG said...

And he finally emerges...

Anonymous said...

Hm. Wolverine's penchant for cigars never got me thinking before, but now a question occurs to me. What does nicotine actually do for him? Can he develop a dependency on it or other standard drugs?

AJG said...

I'm not sure, actually!

I'd say probably not. Though under the current Marvel regime, smoking is (rightfully, I think) banned in their books.

Along the same lines, I'd have to imagine that drinking to get drunk must be difficult for him.