Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Stuffing

Happy day after Free Comic Book Day, everyone! Hopefully, there are plenty of leftovers from yesterday's annual nerd holiday, and you're spending a lazy Sunday sifting through mountains of (free) comic book goodness.

There’s plenty of recapping being done online this morning, complete with photos and funny stories and people in Spider-Man costumes.

If you’re looking for any of that,, I’d check out another site. Since I’m, uh, writing this on Friday morning, right after I finished writing the Saturday post. Cheating, I know. But it is Sunday, and I do get up at 5:30 on weekdays, so as you read this, I am most likely sleeping.

Or eating a bagel and watching Meet the Press. Or, if I’m feeling way more ambitious than I foresee, giving a baseball lesson.

Either way, though, I’m not actually here (kinda like Bob Dylan in that one movie). So instead of hitting this post up with (relevant, timely) links to FCBD photos and such, I’ll be doing something completely different.


Like post up a link to this, which is my favorite thread in a comics and collecting forum that I check out every now and then. This thread, called "Got a Comic Room?" features photos of comic book rooms, dorky dens, and batcave-ed basements of comics fans from all over.

The thread is something like 240 pages long, and it features some cool rooms, some great rooms, and some rooms that will truly make you stop in your tracks.

So go check it out--but beware. You might find yourself wasting a couple of hours going through the pages.

-- -- --

[Saturday afternoon edit: So I had a minute yesterday to jump online, and since it only seems appropriate, check out this link to some Free Comic Book Day madness, courtesy of Comic Book Resources. Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.]

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