Friday, July 23, 2010

Comic-Con Madness

So, in my lead up to Comic-Con post from the beginning of this week, I left out something that, to me at least, will be the Most Important and Awesome Thing to happen in San Diego.

By far.

I mean, sure, we’ve already found out that Guillermo Del Toro will be remaking The Haunted Mansion for Disney, and that The Walking Dead has generated a massive amount of buzz thus far...

But there is news that trumps all of these things, combined.

As alluded to in the comments section a couple of days ago, Dark Horse writer/illustrator Eric Powell will have a Friday evening panel dedicated to the forthcoming Goon movie from producer David Fincher and Blur Studios. (Which, of course, is based on the comic series of the same name. And that series just happens to be the Greatest Comic Ever, Officially.)

And I’m kind of a fan.

What’s more, in advance of the panel, the people at Blur Studios released a 30-second teaser trailer for the animated film, featuring the voice talents of Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown.

And MTV's excellent Splash Page ran the teaser earlier this week. You can check it out right here.

Like I said. Most Important and Awesome Thing to happen in San Diego.

But wait...there's more. This evening's panel will feature plenty more on the movie, and there's a promise of an extended trailer. And MTV has promised to show the trailer immediately following the conclusion of the panel.

Can't...contain...giddiness...any longer...

And the reason I didn't post right after that first trailer hit the Interwebs, basically, was because I was too amped up. Too nerded out to post coherently. (Well, "coherently" for me, anyway.)

I'll have a follow up once the new trailer hits, followed by a Comic-Con wrap up proper early next week. There's also my official "Alex Finally Watched Serenity and Firefly" post coming next week.

So keep staying tuned...and happy Friday!


Falyne said...

Wait, Alex, were you here at Comic-Con, too? Or just following the news back home?

I actually wrote up a clumsy (iPad-typed) and incomplete liveblog of my comic-con experience, that I could probably turn into a guest-post (or series of the same) before I leave for Pennsic.

I went to a panel starring an 89-year-old Ray Bradbury. Ray Bloody Bradbury! Oh, and I bought my first bits of original comics art, partly inspired by seeing posts on the topic here. One inked Deadpool & Cable, one pencil two-page splash from Prince of Power... and one inked page of Mouseguard.

I am a happy puppy. ^_^

AJG said...

Hey, Falyne. Nope, I wasn't there--I've been Frankenstein Monster-ing news together from the Internet and G-4, mostly.

We'd love to have a guest post (or a series of them!) about the show, if you wouldn't mind!

Wow. Ray Bradbury. I actually just read an interview with him (in the excellent IDW revamp of the classic Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine) where he talks about some of his friends in the Sci-Fi community and movie directors and stars that he's met along the way.

Simply incredible.

Was he at SDCC to promote his new play?

As for the art--that is awesome! Mousegard is a fantastic series and getting a page is a collecting goal of mine, for sure. Petersen's art is intricate and just incredible.

I'm glad you found some inspiration from the blog--I love collecting art, and although it can get a bit expensive at times, it's still something that I love.

Hopefully you'll get some good times out of it, too. (But if you don''s not my fault. Blame Nathaniel.)