Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One Day to Go...

Since today’s the day before Preview Night at Comic-Con--which is the official kick-off to the geek event to end all geek events--I figured I’d talk a bit about the show, and the encroachment of other media onto the show.

And then I decided to do a Google search for "Comic-Con," and I ended up getting a little mad. But I'll get to that in a minute. First thing's first.

I’ve heard many people say that San Diego is no longer a “comic con.” Instead, it’s become a multimedia, multi-genre, pop cultural mega-fest, featuring everything from major movie studio announcements to quarter bins filled with raggedy old comics.

And, even though the latter is becoming about as rare as a copy of Action Comics, issue 1, there are still dedicated comics dealers at the show. Sure, they're no longer the focus of the show; but they're there.

And I think it's important that Comic-Con has become this multimedia beast-this looming Lovecraftian monster of geek--because it brings the good that the industry has to offer to the masses.

I mean, sure, maybe there's just a bit too much of this:
But, c'mon! Who's that really hurting?

These days, Comic-Con is the launching pad for new movies, in most genres, and major directors and actors know that San Diego is the must-attend show of the year.

Which, I think, is a good thing. Comics characters are just as viable as an myth or folktale that's lasted centuries, and they deserve their time up on the big screen. But what would Comic-Con be without some controversy, right?

Check out this article, over at the Huffinton Post. Once you're good and annoyed, go check out this response, from a blogger at the San Francisco Chronicle.

Once you're done there, go check out this from the LA Times, telling us why Comic-Con is so important.

Finally, get your geek shoes ready, do your hair and make-up, and brace yourself for Nerd Prom 2010!


Flashman85 said...

I am astonished that the comments on the Huffington Post article, at least the first page of it, are so polite and, more importantly, that so many people agree wholeheartedly with the guy.

Honestly, it sounds like he's just mad that his copy of Entertainment Weekly didn't have any of the usual sensationalized garbage in it.

Scott said...

Surprised that you didn't mention the Goon panel...


zharth said...

Ironically, the local "Comic Con" in my neck of the woods became *more* focused when the anime programming branched off into a con of its own. Of course, that meant I no longer had a reason to go. ::ducks tomatoes::

AJG said...

I saw the Goon panel mention and the 30-second teaser clip.

I'm just too excited to properly put it into words at the moment...

Hopefully by the time Comic-Con wraps, though, I'll come down enough to be able to write coherently about the Friday panel.

And, Zharth, no worries. Nathaniel hates tomatoes.