Thursday, July 1, 2010

Month in Review: June 2010

Wow, did I even do anything for this blog in June?

Between traveling, moving, and working, June was not a month that offered me much time to sit and write. Alex, despite as busy as he was as well, held the blog together, and I think for the first time ever, Exfanding Your Horizons began to resemble a "normal" blog. We wrote whatever was on our minds for however long we had to write, and that was that. Some of the shortest and most filleriffic posts we've ever done have come out of this period, but also some of the most frank and straightforward posts. I haven't written a journal entry in about a month because the blog has essentially been my journal.

Let's see what all we wrote in June:

- Alex's weekly comics news and ramblings feature, Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 2, Issues Twenty-Two, Twenty-Three, Twenty-Four, Twenty-Five, and Twenty-Six

- A reflection on a history-breaking baseball call, and a follow-up about the aftermath

- A quick blub about hit posts and updates, link posts and photos

- The theme to DuckTales, as performed by Sir Ian McKellan

- Alex admits to reading a webcomic

- A masochistic reflection on Achievements and bonus content in video games

- A bit of background on the Big Life Stuff going on for me in June

- Two "Flash Flood" videos I recorded for the GameCola YouTube channel

- Talk of the future of comics and the digital medium, plus DC's appearance in the digital market

- Create your own Batman comic panel

- Dungeons & Dragons... IN SPAAAAAAACE!!!

- Musings on having the entire contents of one's life stored in a single room

- A musical heads-up about the bands Dispatch and Gaslight Anthem, plus the Word Balloon comics podcast and Tell 'Em, Steve-Dave!

- A celebration of Moving Day, and a related haiku

- A discussion of how I'm gradually gaining an appreciation for summer

- An arbitrary romp through art history, complete with links to interesting photos*


- A teaser for an upcoming Mega Man Marathon: ten games in one day!

* Guest Post!

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