Friday, July 2, 2010

GameCola Recap: June 2010

Normally at this time each month I have at least a few articles to report on. In the old days of being a staff writer for videogame humor website is, less than a year ago, when we were going by the old newsletter format of updating once a month--I could get away with doing nothing but writing a single review. Nowadays, with the updated format where anyone can post at any time, I find myself contributing more, and more often.

Well, except for June.

Not only did I do virtually nothing for the main site, another staff writer picked up my responsibilities of maintaining the GameCola YouTube channel. Hey, at least I edited a few of the new articles that went up, but that's not as noticeable as a full-blown "Flash Flood" column, for which I am now long overdue. (There's one that's been in progress for weeks; does that count?)

So... here's my sole "real" contribution to GameCola from June. Ah, but I'm proud of it.


- GC Podcast #18 on YouTube: Michael & Paul's Excellent Adventure

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