Friday, July 16, 2010

...of Things to Come

Okay, so, everything I've heard about Marvel's upcoming Thor movie has been incessantly positive. Which, of course, could mean a great many things. But I tend to believe people like Jeph Loeb when it comes to movies and what's cool, and so I've been pretty excited about seeing Thor and his cast of merry warriors up on the big screen.

And then this was released.
Unto thee, I say, "Uh oh.", exactly, is that eye patch staying on his face?

The photo, of course, is of Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Thor's father. And, of course, Hopkins is going to be great in the role. And I kinda dig the armor, since it's sticking to the comics and all, and I still think the movie is going to be pretty great.

The themes and settings translate so well to modern day, big budget movie-making and I can't wait to see the on-screen depiction of Asgard, Thor's home.

But that photo.

It just. It. Well.

It screams hokey to me. It screams "comic book," which I know isn't a bad thing, necessarily, especially around these parts. But it might turn off a bunch of the non Wednesday Warrior-types, which might not be the best thing, box office-wise.

Plus, when I go to these things, I want to see a good movie, and not just a good comic book movie. There's a difference.

Still, I'm remaining very hopeful, and I honestly think Thor is going to be epic and wonderful. And if it turns out to be The Spirit, well, you can all point to this post and mock me.


One more comic book movie costume image hit the Internets yesterday, this time from the set of the highly anticipated Green Lantern feature starring Ryan Reynolds.
Looks pretty good to me. Right?



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Happy Friday, everyone!


Scott said...

I think Ryan Reynolds looks amazing as the Green lantern -- much better than I ever imagined he would. I kind of wish they had stuck to the classic costume, but the sinew-y look could grow on me depending on how it's animated.

I've noticed that the Thor shots look terrible; the armor looks like plastic and the people are always terribly-posed; I'm just hoping that the photographer isn't doing a great job or has too many preconceived notions or something. When Moriarty (Drew McWeeny) visited the set, he said he had a lot of great things to say about the people and the props, but he's under an NDA and can't write about it yet.

I generally agree with his opinions, though, so I'm waiting anxiously.

AJG said...

I think Thor is going to be great.

It's one of those movies that I figured Marvel would make once the Lord of the Rings films hit, actually, but I'm physced that it's on the way now.