Sunday, November 28, 2010

I like more than just Mega Man, you know...

If you've been following this blog for any length of time, you may suspect that I'm some sort of Mega Man fanatic who likes nothing but Mega Man and can only talk about Mega Man. Well, let me tell you something: Mega Man. There; it's out of my system now.

Seldom a week goes my where I don't mention Mega Man anymore, even if only in passing. Yes, I'm a diehard fan, but I've only got plasma power and sizzlin' circuits on my mind because of my ongoing YouTube projects. Do you know how many posts referenced Mega Man prior to March of 2009, when I released my first batch of Mega Man videos?


That's once every two months, on average. That's indicative of how often I should reference the games, given how many other fandoms I enjoy.

After all, I am the everygeek. I play all sorts of video games. I watch movies and a select few television shows. I enjoy anime, and I'm open to trying out manga. I read books and comics. I attend conventions and occasionally dress up in costume for such occasions. I do or have done all sorts of geeky stuff that I could write about, but keeping up with channel comments and recording sporadically is one of two fandom-centric things I'm guaranteed to be doing on any given week. The other thing is watching Star Trek.

I'm steadily working my way through every official Star Trek series ever. This was a project I started while I was in college. I watched The Original Series and The Next Generation by myself, or with my father when I was home on break, or with my freshman-year roommate when he was around. Since graduating and moving out on my own, I've been watching episodes with my gal, and now I get my Trek fix at least once a week. Like Mega Man, Star Trek is seldom too far from the top of my mind simply because of prolonged, continuous exposure.

Buried under these two fandoms are posting ideas galore. Assuming a "galore" constitutes less than five. I'm working toward completing a few post-worthy series and personal projects, but the going is slow. Posting on a daily basis and juggling everything else I do often limits the amount of time I have to write the big, beefy posts we were known for at the beginning of this blog, so there's a bunch of untapped potential there.

This goes for both Alex and myself: Left to our own devices, we'll write about whatever's on our minds, for as long as we've got time to write. From a blogging standpoint, there's nothing wrong with that--it's our blog.

Yet we listen to feedback. We read comments and pay attention to the results of our occasional polls. Just because I write about Mega Man all the time doesn't mean I'd rather be writing about it to the exclusion of everything else. We're open to suggestions. We've always written for ourselves, first and foremost, but if we can sync up what we want to write about and what you like to read, then the blog is better for it.

As Alex forecasted, we'll be launching into our annual Gifts for Geeks posts any day now, and we'd love to hear about the kinds of gifts that interest you, or if you're already fed up with all this holiday banter. Now's the time to chime in, because if you don't, you're guaranteed at least one post about Star Trek ship models or Mega Man action figures. Although that might be exactly the kind of thing you're looking for.

Like I said, we're open to suggestions. Comments can be posted anonymously and without a special login, or you could always shoot us an e-mail. And hey, guest posts are always welcome, especially if you're an expert or big fan of something you know we're not. We've had guest posts covering everything from poetry to kendo to orchids, so your favorite hobby or fandom totally has a place here. What are you interested in?

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