Sunday, November 21, 2010

Walking Dead Tonight!

Just a head's up that tonight's episode of (the new hit AMC series) The Walking Dead will feature a script written by series co-creator and writer, Robert Kirkman.

Tonight's episode--number four of this season's six total shows--follows three solid premiere episodes. The pilot, which was more of a mini-movie than a tried-and-true TV show, was probably one of the top five first episodes of any show I've ever seen.

It was written and directed by Frank Darabont, so no surprise there. There were great character moments, long periods of incredible tension, and everything just felt right.

The second show? Not so much. As opposed to the slow burn payoffs of the first episode, number two was high-octane, mindless (ha!) zombie movie cliches.

But things picked up again last week. Well, that is to say, they slowed back down and focused on the human drama that has made the comic so critically acclaimed as opposed to the zombie-bashing shenanigans of episode two.

And with a Kirkman-penned show tonight, it's a safe bet that non-readers will get their first taste (ha!) of just how unsafe every character in the show really is.

Check it out!

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zharth said...

Tonight's episode was really tense. I loved it!