Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Post

Yours truly is in the city today, visiting friends and having an all around awesome time. However, I could never leave without first setting up a Sunday Links Post, so I've thoughtfully written this on Friday.

I mean, I'm--uh--writing this post on Friday. Because today is Friday. Wait, no. Today is Sunday, but I wrote the post on Friday. That's it. That's what I mean to say.

Ugh. Tense can be confusing sometimes. Then again, I am very tired.

For your enjoyment and/or amusement, we have yet another Dr. Nick Riviera-suggested link. And this one is a doozy.The fine people at io9 present 10 insane facts comics taught us about American history.

Included are little known historical nuggets such as the fact that Ronald Reagan turned into a tighty whitey-sporting snake-man (way back in Captain America issue 344) and Batgirl and Robin battled Benedict Arnold and Satan (in Batman Family #1).

Betcha didn't know that. And you thought all your fancy book learnin' made you better than me. Ha!

Ahem. Right. Sorry. Enjoy the link and happy Sunday, everyone!

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