Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Happenings

It's a bit of a crazy weekend for us, what with family visits, holiday shopping excursions, and in my case, the cutting down of a probably-too-large-for-anyone's-health Christmas tree.

So you'll have to excuse the, um, lack of posting anything truly significant these next two days.

But, speaking of giant Christmas trees, let's talk a bit about tradition. As I get older, I realize just how much work actually goes into making a holiday special.

When I was a kid, Thanksgiving and Christmas just kinda...happened. I sat down with my cousins in front of the TV or we ran around the basement playing whatever until the food was ready.

Until Thanksgiving was ready.

But now I realize the insane amount of time and effort that goes into preparing a big family holiday.

Not that I contribute much beyond moving heavy things to places they need to be, or buying enough alcohol to ensure that everyone who wants to partake will have a "special" holiday.

But still. At least the effort is there.

Anyway, it always amazes how flawless our holidays are. The food is always amazing, and everyone always has a great time. This year, even though we were down several key players due to other family obligations, we still managed to have a great day.

And with Christmas right around the corner--and with the promise of having a bigger family gathering on that day then we've ever had before--let's raise a glass to tradition.

Because we know work and bills and Bad Stuff will always be there. But so will holidays and family.

(And that's how you subtly turn a non-post typed awkwardly on an iPhone into something that kind of is a post. Happy Saturday, everyone!)

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