Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Month in Review: November 2010

Opinions, reactions, and a few excuses were what we served up in November. Diatribes about entire fandoms, metathinking about the blog itself, and a number of uncharacteristically short posts were most of what we had to offer, paving the way for a thoughtful, substantial holiday season.

Here's a chance to catch up on what we wrote for November:

- A recap of my generally well-received contributions to videogame humor website GameCola.net in October

- Alex's weekly rant/comics news update/philosophical ramblings feature, Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 2, Issues 44 (The Walking Dead), 45 (the Around Comics podcast), 46 (the return of Batman), and 47 (Ultimate Spider Man #150)

- A shocking admission that I might have actually enjoyed Halloween this year

- A happy reaction to comics' unexpected price drop

- A blasphemous prediction that it might not be a bad thing for Keiji Inafune to leave Capcom

- Ten insane facts comics taught us about American history

- The appearance of an unseasonable amount of snow

- A reflection on how what we're doing right now isn't as exciting as what we were doing at this time last year, or the year before

- A celebration of Veterans Day

- An introduction to book collecting, complete with pictures of actual books

- Fantasies of being invited to a convention as a special guest

- A discussion of a terrible ailment known as Collector's Rationality Disorder

- Why I don't like your favorite video game series

- A review of Cormac McCarthy's post-apocalyptic survival novel, The Road

- Highly intellectual discussions with Abe Lincoln, Albert Einstein, and a surprise guest

- Why I don't like your favorite kind of video game

- A teaser for our annual series on Gifts for Geeks

- Buzz about AMC's comics-based TV series The Walking Dead

- The status of my continuing comics self-education, and why school's out for winter

- The story of DC Comics, or at least a review of The Story of DC Comics

- A celebration of Thanksgiving

- A short list of geeky things I'm thankful for

- An awkwardly typed reflection on holidays and traditions

- A reminder that I like more things than just Mega Man

- A review of the insightful, music-focused documentary, The Beatles on Record

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