Friday, October 14, 2011

Q: How Can You Tell When a Convention's in Town?

A: Alex buys lots of comics art.

The New York Comic-Con is on, and already my blogging compadre has...well, I don't actually know how much art buying he's done yet, but he's definitely taken some pictures:

Somewhere, Bruce Wayne is naked.

Cool. Creepy. Doesn't look like anybody's wearing this Batsuit, either. not an empty Batsuit. Gotta diversify your portfolio, I guess.

Stay tuned: We'll be at Comic-Con (and the Anime Festival!) this weekend, and I can guarantee there will be stories, anecdotes, and musings from both the guy who knows what he's talking about, and me.

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A Philosophical Nerd said...

Cool! Have fun. Is it a local convention or are you traveling out of town for it?