Saturday, November 12, 2011

Talk About a Random Sunday

Today's post is just a warning, of sorts, that my future posts are quite likely to take a more...random...turn.

For you see I now have the capability to blog from my phone.

Which means that I'll literally post about anything that pops into my mind, at any random moment in this Life of Alex.

You know, like when I'm waiting in the car on the drive-through ATM line. Or when I'm sitting in the Chinese restaurant, waiting for my take-out order.

Or when I'm watching the original Amityville Horror and I find myself wondering how James Brolin gets his beard so even.

Or how much Brolin looks like Christian Bale.

And then I start wondering about why I'm wondering about James Brolin's beard from 1979 and...well, you see what I mean about the random.

And I'm also willing to bet that you see what I mean about this being a warning of things to come.

Hang tight, Exfanders. Things are about to get a little weird.

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