Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

Well, we're gonna go the corny, expected route with today's post. We here at Exfanding Your Horizons are thankful for a lot of things. But at the top of that list is you.

We are incredibly thankful for every single reader we have. You guys make sitting down to write for this blog fun and meaningful, and we can't thank you enough for that.

We can, however, post up some Thanksgiving comic book covers. Because we love you. Oh, also. Nathaniel mentioned something about a hilarious Earthbound YouTube video. Since I have no idea what that is, I've simply tacked the video on to the end of this post.

Enjoy...and Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!
Batman: The Long Halloween Thanksgiving coverJSA Thanksgiving cover

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JoeReviewer said...

Hey, we're all thankful for you guys and the time and effort you take to get something new out for us every day! Keep on, keeping on and have a good ThanxTurkey Day and rest of the holiday season! :D