Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 3, Issue 48

Wow. Talk about a light week.

I guess the publishers are suffering from a bit of a Thanksgiving hangover. There's not a single New 52 book out today, and Marvel's got slim pickings. There are some Image books, but not many, and I don't have any Dark Horse titles shipping this week that I read.

There's one independent book that I'll pick up (the excellent Gobs, by Richard Moore) and Brian Azzarello's Spaceman, issue two, but for the most part? It'll be light reading this weekend, I think. However, and this is important, today is the day that Archie meets KISS, so. Um. That's something.

I'm not kidding, by the way.
See. Totally not kidding. That's Archie, meeting KISS. It's a real thing and it's in comic shops today. Try not to hurt yourselves running out to buy it (Nathaniel, I'm talking mostly to you here).

Let me just say, though, that this would have been weird 20 years ago when it would have made sense for Archie to meet KISS. Okay, fine. Maybe 30 years ago. Either way. This one's a bit of a head scratcher, but Archie has been on a major roll lately.

So, because you wanted the best, here's the solicitation information from the publisher.

"Archie Meets KISS Part 1: Riverdale Rock City." The biggest band in rock history invades Riverdale! When the Archies find their town overrun by monsters because of a spell gone wrong, can the KISS gang save the day? Find out in part one of this four-part epic featuring KISS!

Yep. That's pretty much all you're gonna get from me today. Oh! The new Previews comes out, as well. So at least you can look at comics that you'll be able to buy, eventually.

In three months.

Plus there'll be lots and lots of statues and things in there that you can't afford. [Twiddles thumbs while waiting for more things to write about pop into his head...not happening.]

I think it's safe to say that I've wasted enough of your time today. So, yeah. I'm gonna go. Before I do, though, what are you Waiting for? (But don't even bother lying, because I know it's Archie Meets KISS.)

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