Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why Writers Go Mad Sometimes

Yes, yes. I know you're all dying to hear the rest of Nathaniel's Wedding Story, but unfortunately he's on the road this weekend (I think he said something about joining a street gang made up entirely of Muppets, which I thought was both cool and a little weird).

So in the meantime, you're gonna have to settle for me today. Sorry, gang.

Fear not, though, because I have something so fantastic planned for today that your heads are going to explode. Okay, fine. I don't have that at all. But what I do have is something pretty cool, I think.

I find things like this to be endlessly fascinating. From Flavorwire, here's a sampling of the 10 harshest rejection letters received by some pretty major literary names.

While some are certainly more brutal than others, these documents go a long way in proving that editors isn't infallible. Um. Aren't. Editors aren't infallible.

Anyway, check it out but be warned that the Hunter S. Thompson entry is a

And to all you writers out there who know that pang of rejection? Take some solace in the fact that a great many editors are, simply, morons. I can say these things because I am one.

Hopefully just an editor, though, and not a moron. I'll let you decide.

Happy Saturday, everyone.

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