Thursday, November 3, 2011

Well THAT Was Unexpected

If you thought this was Halloween...well, you were wrong.

Apparently, THIS is Halloween:

On a related note, perhaps you noticed that there was no Waiting for Wednesday this week. Well, because of things associated with the above photo...there won't be a new WfW this week.

You see, I have--yet again--lost power at home. Due to the October snowstorm that just hammered much of the East Coast, I'm once again in the dark, cold, restless space I like to call Power Outageland.

And to top it off, I also managed to lose power at the office yesterday, which was interesting for a few reasons.

First, I couldn't do any of the work that's steadily piling up. Second, I couldn't even get to the blog to express how frustrated I've been by yet another major storm. Third, the drive up to the office was littered with fallen trees and power lines, and the ride took much, much longer than usual.

And it usually takes me about an hour.

So after the much, much longer than usual drive up to work, I had just about enough time to turn on the computer, grab a cup of (real) coffee, say hello to a couple of fellow Dark Age Dwellers, and then...emergency lighting came on and the company was forced to close for the day.

Usually, this wouldn't be such a bad thing--like a snow day, only for grown-ups. But I was actually looking forward to coming into the office--with its lights and heat and running water and what have you.


Oh, well.

At least I completely missed Halloween.

More on that tomorrow.

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