Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Bark Side

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, advertisers everywhere are working overtime to prep those wonderful, wonderful commercials.

And because everything is over-the-top crazy these days, some companies have taken to releasing previews for their upcoming Super Bowl spots.

That's right--like movie trailers, only for commercials.

Insane? Sure. But at least we get things like this, from Volkswagen. It's called "The Bark Side" and, well, I'm posting it today just because.

Enjoy, and Happy Sunday.

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Mr. E [PostApocolyptica] said...

Mm, Super Bowl.

So, what I gather is this: Many networks across the world broadcast some heavily armored guys eating out of a giant bowl. Something to do with a ball as well, and the team who eats all of the food the fastest wins, right?

I assume that:

1. I won't get killed by angry football fans;
2. Half-time is so that the players can digest their food. XD