Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 4, Issue 2

Hey! We made it to the second week of 2012!

I knew those Mayans didn't know what they were talking about. Wait--what's that? The Mayan calendar doesn't actually end until sometime in December of this year?

Oh, well, that's still terrifying, then.

You know what else is terrifying? Not being able to get to your local comics shop today. (See what I did there? That's just good writing.)

Today, of course, is Wednesday. Well, actually, today is Tuesday, but you don't have to know that. See, I'm writing this from the office pretty late Tuesday night, just waiting on a couple of things before I can head home for the day.

And, actually, I just got what I needed.

So the rest of this will be written on Wednesday morning. (Admit it; this fourth-wall busting is interesting, if for no other reason than to see how insane I am.)

So. Comics. Today.

A couple of books have my interest this week, and they're both from Image. However, they're both midway through their respective runs, and it doesn't make much sense for readers to jump aboard if they haven't been following thus far.

But the books deserve a nod here, because they're just that good. The Strange Case of Luther Strode, issue four, and Heart, issue three, are two excellent examples of new, different comics done right.
The former is written by Justin Jordan, features outstanding art by Tradd Moore, and is one of those books that deserves the hype its launch received.

Essentially a postmodern variation of the "dorky high schooler gets super powers" trope, Strode is far from your typical capes and tights story.

Fans of realistic super hero fare will dig this book, but I hesitate to compare it with any current or past titles. Luther Strode is unique in the market and it certainly deserves your attention.

The second book on my list is Heart, by G4 commentator and writer Blair Butler and artist Kevin Mellon.
Heart tells the story of an MMA fighter's rise to prominence. Which, when I first read that description, led me to believe I wouldn't be very into the book.

I'm not a real big fan of UFC or MMA or whatever, but I was interested enough in checking out Blair Butler's first comic work that I decided to order the first issue. And I'm glad I did. As with all good stories, Heart--though deeply rooted in MMA terminology, training methods, and techniques--is more concerned with the people involved than the subject matter.

I've found that Heart is one of the first books I read whenever it finds its way into my pile. So fans of MMA should definitely check it out, and those looking to try something new? This one's highly recommended.

Okay. Time to go. But before I do--what are you Waiting for?

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