Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 4, Issue 1

Welcome to the very first Waiting for Wednesday of 2012! To celebrate this column’s fourth (!!!) year of existence, I have something special.

And, by special, I mean, self-promoting. Disgustingly, unabashedly self-promoting.

I mentioned last week that I started a new job at World Wrestling Entertainment, working for their website. My first day at the gig was Monday and since then I’ve had two articles published on the site--both of them dealing with the CM Punk/Dolph Ziggler feud heading into the Royal Rumble.

If you know what the heck all that means, and if you’re so inclined, you can check the pieces out here and here.

I know, I know.

But I did warn you about the self promotion, so you can't be that mad at me. Also, as long as I'm a self-aware self-promoter, I think it's okay. Hang on...lemme check in with Nathaniel on that, though.

Whoops. Actually, he's busy writing an article for GameCola, so he can't answer me right now.

[Editor's Note: Now that's how you burn your blogging buddy! And don't worry, kids. I don' mean nuthin' by it.]

Okay. Let's get this thing back on (some sort of) track. It's Wednesday, as you know, and like I've done (nearly) every Wednesday for the past (nearly) four years, I'd like to talk comics. Specifically, I'd like to talk comics that I'm looking forward to buying when I head to the LCS today (or at some point this week).

There are a number of books that are lighting up the old Exfanding radar today, but because I have quite a bit going on this morning, I'll only cover one of them. it's okay, though, because that one book is a good one.

Let's talk The Goon. Mostly because I like talking about The Goon, but also because, since the title has gone to a bi-monthly shipping schedule, lots of time has to pass before I can get my Eric Powell fix.

But, happily, today is issue 37 is sitting in your local comics shop right now.
What can we expect from Powell this time around? Madcap adventure? Gangsters fighting zombies? A pie-eating contest with a skunk ape?

Actually...none of those things. Nope, in today's issue, Powell tackles unions rights. No, really. Check out the description of the issue, below.

When several workers die in a girdle-factory fire due to poor safety conditions and an out-of-control taco cart, the union is in an uproar. But when the fat cats bring in a supernatural union buster, there's only one man for the workers to turn to: The Goon.

"The Goon is the product of a contentedly demented mind."-Comic Book Resources

"A great gurgling gumbo of EC Comics horror, Monty Python wit, and 1930s pulp."

As always, I'll be first in line to pick up this latest issue of Powell's brilliant and irreverent series. With the new bi-monthly shipping schedule, there's plenty of time for new readers to catch up between issues, so you should go do that. Now.

Speaking of going...

Before I head out, I'll ask it for the first time in 2012. What are you Waiting for?

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