Sunday, January 1, 2012

Newer Year's Resolutions

In 2009 we gave our New Year's Resolutions. In 2010 we made resolutions for each other. In 2011 we made de-resolutions (just like in TRON). Before we look ahead to 2012, let's step back and see how we completely botched all of our plans for the previous year, shall we?

Here's a summary of what we vowed at the beginning of 2011:

Nathaniel will not...
- Teach Alex anything more about the technical, behind-the-scenes workings of the blog
- Remember to ask Alex to borrow more trade paperbacks of The Goon
- Kill Grizzly Adams

Alex will not...
- Get rid of the widget that causes HTML snow to fall on the blog during the holidays
- Be able to break his addiction to single-issue comics
- Watch the remaining Star Wars movies (specifically, Episodes II-III)

Somewhere, an achievement has been unlocked. We have succeeded on EVERY SINGLE ONE of our de-resolutions. I demand a festive hat for the occasion.

Now then.

This year we'll go back to the basics: regular ol' resolutions written by us, for us. No checklists this time; just broad goals we'd like to work toward. I think we can handle this.

Nathaniel's Goal #1: Don't go anywhere.
Last year was a big year. I did a lot of traveling. I spent a lot of money on travel expenses. I enjoy getting out of the house from time to time and visiting friends and family. For the sake of my wallet, my sanity, my apartment, and my personal projects, I cannot be out of town all weekend, every weekend, for seven months straight, with 2-10 hours of each weekend spent in the car.

Alex's Goal #1: Never enter Nathaniel's new state of residence.
This will ensure that, if Nathaniel ever wants to see his blogging buddy, he must travel. Preferably on short notice. And on a weekend. Also, I will hold all copies of Goon collections hostage until Nathaniel makes said short notice, weekend trip to my neck of the woods.

Nathaniel's Goal #2: Start having guests again.
My second goal has a nice symbiotic relationship with the first goal: If I can be home long enough to clean up the apartment and prepare some geeky activities, I might be able to see people more often by staying at home and having them visit me. I've already got plans for a Harry Potter marathon, a new ongoing Dungeons & Dragons campaign, and tricking Alex into seeing Star Wars: Episodes II-III.

Alex's Goal #2: Refer back to Alex's Goal #1
One step ahead of ya, Flashman. One step ahead.

Nathaniel's Goal #3: Eat less fried dough.
I've been gradually getting softer around the middle over the past two or three years. Sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy dietary choices, and apple-throwing monkeys are to blame. I'm not about to propose that I cut out desserts and try to lose weight--all I'm looking for is to be a little more active, and to avoid consuming excessively large portions of anything fattening.

Alex's Goal #3: Eat more fried dough.
That one's pretty self explanatory, actually.

Nathaniel's Goal #4: Record videos more often.
I post videos on two different YouTube channels, one of which has a very active fan community. This past year, I released four videos. Four. That's barely 53 minutes of entertainment. 'Nuff said.

Alex's Goal #4: Kill Grizzly Adams.
This is the one thing--THE ONE THING--that has haunted my nightmares these past 12 months. (And also that apple-throwing monkey.) Now, I know I say (or, more appropriately, vow) every year that I will finally off that bear-keeping, woods walking, beard-wearing early American nogoodnik, but this will be the year. Mark my words.

As I said: I think we can handle this.


Mr. E [PostApocolyptica] said...

My New Year's Resolution SHOULD be something sensible, like uploading more blog posts or making more music for my fan game, but the only one I can think of is to actually play Crystalis. Either that, or eat a gyro pizza. :)

Flashman85 said...

Now those are resolutions I can support!