Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Month in Review: January 2012

With more free time for creative pursuits than I've had in nearly a year, and with Alex's time and focus going almost exclusively toward his new job, January was simultaneously one of the strongest and one of the most concise months we've ever had on this blog.

Let's take a look at how we kicked off the New Year:

- Our annual joint post discussing our New Year's resolutions

- Insights from Alex about his job transition, a quick follow-up after the first week, and a deeper reflection on the matter

- A list of fandom-centric aspirations for the year, which are totally different from resolutions

- Alex's weekly opinion column with a hint of comics, Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 4, Issues 1-4, covering The Goon, the Mayans, the Wikipedia blackout, and actual excitement

- An announcement of our contest winners from The Third Easiest Contest on the Internet

- Excuses as to why our Year in Review hadn't posted yet--also notable for being the first post in Exfanding history to go up without a title (which was quickly fixed)

- A discussion of my wonderful cycle of relaxation and anticipation, and all my creative input

- The story of my introduction to the wonders of Netflix

- Alex returns to the realm of comics with an additional resolution

- My wife's amusing alteration to my desktop wallpaper

- A request for suggestions of toys to put on display at work

- A guide to becoming a minor Internet celebrity

- Plotting for my next Dungeons & Dragons adventure

- A video playthrough of Mega Man vs Ghosts 'n Goblins

- A quick spotlight of an indie comics publisher's involvement in the SOPA protests

- A review of the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist

- Alex provides encouragement to join the Bark Side

- A realization that we haven't run out of ways to exfand your horizons

- A review of Richard Moore's mini-gargoyle comic series Chip

- A guest post looking back at the Nintendo GameCube

- A review of my recent gaming endeavors and a question about where to go next

- Alex gets to professionally interview his all-time favorite wrestler, Shawn Michaels

- The photography of a levitating woman

- A review of SCAM #1, an X-Men meets Ocean's 11 indie comic, and our first-ever review copy for this blog

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