Thursday, January 5, 2012

Contest Winners Announcement!

Well, that does it. Four unlucky winners now must bear the burden of a $15 gift certificate. Please join me in congratulating them as they set off to cast their prizes into the fires of Mount Doom, or whatever it is that people do with these things.

So, here are the contest winners, and how they won:

Joseph (qualifying comment on the contest post)
Dr. Nick Riviera (Cheating, or possibly Google Friend Connect)
Christian Porter (Twitter, replacing no-show Robert Walters)
Alex Silveira (Facebook)

If one of the names listed above is YOU, kindly e-mail me to confirm you are a real person, and we'll send you your gift card to that e-mail address within a few days.

We WILL NOT use your e-mail address for any other purpose. Especially not to send you funny cat pictures. Unless you really want them.

If we don't hear from you by 11 PM EST on Thursday, January 12, we'll assume you are trapped in a temporal anomaly, and will select a different winner.

That's about it! Thanks so much to everybody who entered, especially those who rifled through the archives in search of problems and mistakes. Seriously. I can't believe I misspelled "their."


Stephen said...

I guess spamming entries doesn't always win it for you. : j

Flashman85 said...

Don't worry--I've got a devious plan in place for the next contest that still might make it worth your while...

JoeReviewer said...

Congratulations to all the others that won! And thanks to Nathaniel and Alex for giving us this contest!