Thursday, April 5, 2012

Base of Operations

If you've spent any length of time reading this blog, you'll almost certainly know that I've got a YouTube channel that I primarily use for posting Mega Man videos and having discussions with my viewers. The key here is the word "primarily"; for a little while now, there's been more than Mega Man, but I get the feeling that it's been somewhat overlooked.

Not too long ago I added a number of playlists to my channel:

- Four different GameCola playlists covering my participation on the official YouTube channel of the videogame humor website to which I contribute;

- A Miscellaneous playlist to act as a catch-all for my April Fools' videos and whatnot; and

- A Collaborations playlist, collecting all the videos featured on other people's channels in which I've been invited to participate.

Now my Mega Man channel is more of a base of operations for all my YouTube endeavors, and I dig the opportunity for the cross-promotion of other channels I've been involved with.

I realize I've missed the chance to introduce several of the videos in these playlists when they were first released, so I encourage you to take a look if you've been relying on this blog as your source of YouTube updates. Here's a quick sample of a few of my favorites that, lamentably, never got mentioned here:

The end of a joint playthrough of Super Mario Bros. 2 with GameCola staff writers Paul Franzen and Michael Gray:

An unexpected installment of a let's-all-take-turns-playing-stages playthrough of Mega Man 7 with YouTube users Jeffro826, SAOyster, and Arglefumph, also notable for being the only video series thus far for which I've provided live commentary while recording my footage:

A split-screen race through the first half of Mega Man 4 against YouTube users ClassicGamesFTW, JoeReviewer, n00bzXD, and later on, SearchSnake22:


TMNTgrl25 said...

Didn't you also do live commentary for the Deja Vu recording? I liked that one. Let's not throw things out from the inventory, let's EAT EVERYTHING, whether it's evidence or not.

Flashman85 said...

TMNTgrl25: Ah, you're close--the commentary for each Deja Vu video was recorded in one continuous take, but I wasn't talking while I was playing. I'm rather fond of that series, too. :)

CuntrySongAndMegaman said...

0.0 You WEREN'T talking while you were playing?? I'll admit, you fooled me, but that is STILL one of my favorite runs of yours, and I think that, if I can figure out how to get Deja Vu for PC to work on Windows 7, I might LP that game. For the moment, though, I'm playing Hagane....

JoeReviewer said...

Not to be that annoying thorn in your side, but you might have forgotten to include SearchSnake22 in there, unless you were just referring to the people in the particular liked video rather than the series.

Still, it's once again an honor to have something I was involved with posted on Exfanding. Seeyaround

Flashman85 said...

CSAM: That's right! But I only took one or two takes anyhow, so it's almost like talking while playing. And I'm particularly fond of that playthrough, too, thanks. :)

Joe: Yikes--my apologies! Fixed--I was only looking at the lineup for the first video, not the whole series.