Friday, April 6, 2012

Comics Withdrawal

Annnnd Friday.

My epic three-week work binge has one more day to go, as I’ll need to be in/around the office tomorrow, but I think I might be dangerously close to getting things back to normal.

Which will be nice, as I could use some sleep.

I plan to spend at least a little time tomorrow afternoon at my local comics shop, just hanging out and not doing much else. While I’ll be on-call for the day at work, let’s hope it’ll be a slow one and I can enjoy being in a comics shop for a little while.

Maybe even for an hour.

An hour in a comics shop on a Saturday afternoon sounds like pretty much the best thing ever.

I have been so detached from my beloved funnybooks lately that I feel like the last time I read a book, Batman was still dead.

And, while it hasn’t been that long, I’m at the point where all I want to do is sit down in my reading chair with a stupidly high stack of comics and read and read and read until I fall asleep.

I’ve been so detached from, really, any geeky things lately that—as you might have noticed—I have very little to write about on this, a geek-centric blog.

My hobby—passion, really—has been reduced to background noise, the original art pages on my wall a distant echo of the stories I used to read daily.

I’ve been gone too long. I need to jump back in.

Stand back I come.

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