Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 4, Issue 15 is a light week of comics for me. I actually don’t have anything that’s jumping out at me to write about today. Huh.

Well...this is embarrassing.

Um. Okay, let’s improvise a bit, shall we? Just to piggyback on Nathaniel’s post from yesterday about negative comments on his YouTube page.

Let me quickly say that I do not understand people who go online just to criticize the work of others.

It’s like listening to the radio, or watching television—if you don’t like something, then simply don’t watch it.

Of course, the Internet exists for people to complain about things behind a wall of anonymity. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s why it exists.

And let’s be clear here—complaining about things you don’t like it perfectly fine. As long as you make a clear, reasonable counterpoint. If you’re just here to yell and deem something “bad,” then I have no time for you.

It’s the main reason I don’t lurk around comics forums online—there’s simply too much vitriol about...well, about everything.

Let me also say that it takes quite a bit to get Nathaniel angry. It takes even more to discourage Nathaniel from adding to his impressive list of YouTube videos. I know firsthand how much work he puts into them, and how much time they take.

I also know that Nathaniel is busy with work, and family, and occasionally, he even likes to sit around and do nothing. For a couple minutes, at least.

I’m currently reading the latest Kevin Smith book, where the writer/director talks about how he managed to get as far in life as he has. And the big thing he talks about is not listening to the people who ask, “Why?” every time you set out to do something different. Or creative.

Obviously, the people who ask why are the same people who never try. Ever.Instead, they sit in their chairs and complain about the people who actually do try.

So, I know I don’t have to tell him this, but Flashman? Keep on keeping on, brother.

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