Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend Writing

On Thursday I was tasked with a pretty cool job. Along with a couple of coworkers, I'll be writing an episode of a YouTube show for my company. It's a cool opportunity, and one I'm really, really excited about.

Of course, it's due first thing Monday morning, and we've all been slammed this week with other stuff, so the bulk of the writing will have to take place, with haste, this weekend.

It's not the fact that we'll need to do some work on the weekend that's got me worried, though.

I'm used to working through Saturday and Sunday, and honestly, I prefer working over the weekend to working in the office during the week, because of the lack of meetings and other distractions that just don't happen on weekends.

What's got me a bit worried is the fact that there's the distinct possibility that a hundred thousand people will be watching the show we're writing.

The script is due Monday morning, they film it Monday afternoon, and it'll be edited and released sometime early next week.

So right now, my usual, happily neurotic self is busy being a bit more happily neurotic than usual.

Like I said, I'm quite pumped up to have the chance to write this bad boy, and I just don't want to screw it up. The show is supposed to be funny, so we'll need to write funny stuff for it. Writing funny is incredibly difficult, as I prove almost daily on this blog.

But it's a beautiful Saturday here at Exfanding HQ, my computer is up and running, and my funny bone has been tickled. Also, I'm thirsty.

So I'm gonna go hunker down in my hole and churn out a script for Monday. Depending on how it goes, I'll even provide a link to the show next week. And, hey, if it turns into a complete disaster, at least it'll make for an interesting post. 

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