Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Oh, this is the last thing I need today. I had hoped to write about music, or Dungeons & Dragons, or Police Quest today, but a rash of nasty comments on my YouTube channel has gotten me in a snit, and I was going to use today to vent my frustrations instead...but now I find that Blogger has received a total interface overhaul like everything else on the Internet, and I am 100% displeased.

I wonder how easy it'd be to transfer to WordPress.

I wonder what it would hurt to disable comments altogether.

I wonder why I even bother hanging around on the Internet if all I ever do is get annoyed by everything I see.

I'm tired of trying to be rational, objective, and even somewhat fair. I'm fed up with what's been forced on me recently, and today I'm angry.


Mr. E [PostApocolyptica] said...

Man, people are still going on with the offensive comments, huh? That sucks.

Speaking of Blogger, I find the new layout to be a little too cluttered. Before, I'd be given a few boxes and toolbars, and it was okay. Now, everything's been re-arranged. The posting toolbar is incredibly small and lacks any text indicating that the buttons do stuff, and when I was mousing over those buttons, I realised that my screen was filled with a "Reading List". I've already read all of those articles. I don't need anyone to come and tell me, "Hey, look! Alex wrote a review of Avengers vs. X-Men #1, and you need to read it! I don't care if you've already read it; I want you to read it again! Otherwise, I'm gonna stick around here until you do, cluttering up your screen!" I hope it doesn't end like YouTube's homepage lately; I've constantly had "new" reminders that "GeminiLaser uploaded '[APRIL FOOLS'] Mega Man 7 Teaser Trailer' 4 hours ago", even though it's now the 10th, and I keep getting told what I've "Recently Watched". I KNOW what I've recently watched! There's a History bar AND a History section on YouTube for that!

Sorry about that rant; even if you were too angry to write much today, I sure did. :)

CuntrySongAndMegaman said...

Offensive comments? I need to get in the loop again. Also, I didn't even notice Blogger change their interface, unless if it's just for posting and whatnot.

Altogether, though, don't let trolls and inconvenience get you down; after all, the real world is a great much more upsetting most of the time.

TMNTgrl25 said...

I'm sorry to hear that. :( I noticed it seemed like there's been a rash of- forgive me for sounding negative- stupid people saying stupid things lately...such is the peril of being a minor Internet celebrity, I suppose...
I wonder when people forgot the saying 'if you don't have anything nice to say (or at least anything politely constructive) don't type anything at all in the comments.
Along with the saying, if the layout ain't broke, don't try to fix it, because it'll probably make things worse. Is this the new internet fad? Changing our layouts when we didn't complain about the old ones in the first place?
I'm probably not being particularly helpful here, but there's my two cents. If only two cents were enough to buy a sad internet fella a pizza these days...

JoeReviewer said...

Man, if there's one thing that sucks it's seeing an awesome guy being harassed by trolls and internet layouts. Just remember, no matter what those layouts say, there are literally thousands of people who think you're a cool guy. And those trolls changing all the time are part of "advancement." I'm sure one day you'll have your own website and you can make a layout there that never changes ever.

Also, if there's anything I or any of your adoring fans can do to lift you spirits, like a seance, just let us know. You've done it for us countless times :)

Flashman85 said...

Thanks, all. I'm feeling better after taking a few days away from YouTube--I think I just needed a break in general, especially from what all was going on.

A Philosophical Nerd said...

Sorry to hear about all the jerks on YouTube. I wouldn't know, considering I'm not an internet celebrity, but I hear the more successful you are, the more people will be jealous of your success and try to tear you down.

Don't let it discourage you. As has already been said, there are many more people who appreciate you and look forward to your videos.