Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Diamond's Still Being Rough

Well, just got back from my local comics shop, and once again, they were shorted on this week's order. All in all, I'm missing about eight books. But, on the plus side, they finally got in issue six of the Vertigo series House of Mystery, which I've been waiting on for three weeks now.

My LCS is a great place with great people working there. I'm friends with the owner, and one of my good buddies helps out there on weekends. The shop is a good shop, run by good people. And they're getting cheated out of cash flow every week because Diamond isn't fulfilling their orders.

And that's beyond unfair.

Personally, I refuse to go elsewhere to buy my books. I'd rather support my LCS and wait Diamond out for as long as it takes--especially in a situation where many other customers are likely going elsewhere to purchase missing books.

Since work's pressing here at the Exfanding offices, I'll make this one short and to the point:

Support your Local Comics Shop.

That is all.

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