Sunday, October 26, 2008

Presidential Candidate #5: Captain America

Yesterday we continued our introduction to the new candidates entering this year's Presidential race. Today, we uh, continue to continue. Confusing sentence structure aside, today’s candidate is a little less…alive…than our other candidates.

Statue of Captain AmericaPresidential Candidate: Captain America, A.K.A. Steve Rogers (deceased)

Running mate: Captain America, A.K.A. Bucky Barnes (the, uh, alive one)

Party affiliation: Avengers

Experience: Decorated war hero; leader of the Avengers; most patriotic super hero ever

Reason for choosing running mate: What with Rogers being dead and all, choosing a very much alive (and in continuity!) running mate only makes sense.

Positions on the issues:
- Domestic policy: Tony Stark is a jerk, and as President, I will treat him as such.
- Foreign policy: When I was alive, we handled the Skrulls in an issue or two. Today--ha! Decompressed storytelling, anyone? Oh, and Tony Stark is a jerk.
- Marvel Comics' "Dead is Dead" policy: In my first month as President, I promise to appoint editors dedicated to a traditional reading of company-wide mandates, and who will overturn this policy when the issue is brought in front of them.
- Being dead: I’m not real big on that, either.

Campaign rallying cry: AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

Join us tomorrow for more of this nonsense.

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