Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And Now, for Something Completely Different

In these tumultuous days of Stock Market fluctuations and increasingly important political issues, the country has come to a defining moment in its history. And, with the current tone of this year’s Presidential Election being what it is, we here at Exfanding Your Horizons have decided that the time has come to throw a few new hats into the ring.

So, over the next several days as we approach the real election, we will present you with several candidates for our fake election.

During the week leading up to Election Day, we’ll have a poll up for you to vote for your favorite fake candidate.

Then, on Election Day, we'll reveal the President of the United States that
you voted for.

Anyway, on to our first candidate. Enjoy... and Godspeed, little doodles...

He is a man who will help to heal the wounds of division between us in this country.

A man who will stand up for the working class.

A man who will fix the economy.

A man who will be the greatest American President.

He is...this man:

Slappy McIntyreHis name: Slappy McIntyre
His party affiliation: Independent Socialist/Fascist (on weekends)
His platform: Playstation 3...until "Gears of War 2" comes out, anyway.
His promise: To ensure hilarity in the Oval Office.
His running mate: None; as a fascist, Slappy hates everyone. Especially you.

Vote Slappy McIntyre ’08!

We warned you it would be something different. Be on the lookout tomorrow for candidates... from... SPACE!!!


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