Tuesday, November 18, 2008

DC's Final...Uh...Latest...Crisis

Well, some big news today and yesterday about creator/editorial problems within the DC Comics offices. According to several well-regarded comics sources (most notably at this link, reported by Rich Johnston) writers Grant Morrison and James Robinson are none too happy with Executive Editor Dan DiDio.

Now, we are not a rumor-mongering site, nor do we want to be one, but I honestly think this is a comics news topic worth mentioning. I won't go much further into it, but if you're a comics fan we thought you'd find the link interesting. (Seriously, go read it.)

As for my own two cents:

Well, as an editor by trade, I tend to side with editorial. But, in the case of Grant Morrison (writer of DC's big event comic Final Crisis), it seems to me DC knew exactly what they were going to get from him, especially since he pitched the project with a specific ending in mind.

Now it seems that DC Editorial wants to change that ending, which is very much in their right as the publisher, but the change is going to greatly affect all of the Final Crisis tie-in books.

Which means more delays from DC. Which means less comics for you and me. Which means less sales for retailers. Which means...


In any case, to be fair, I hope DC is able to hammer out the problems they're having. As I've said, I feel as though Final Crisis is, while sometimes incredibly baffling, a very solid and entertaining comic book story.

Let's hope they are able to fix the problems in a somewhat timely manner, so retailers aren't stuck with late(r)-shipping product from one of the two main comics publishers this holiday season.

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Scott said...

I think Final Crisis is pretty crappy so far, honestly. It's just a lot of "startling" revelations and deaths, plus a lot more "realistic" "grittiness" and "violence". The Lantern stuff is cool, but at the same time, it reeks of "we want to make more series".

I'm just tired of Crises, I think.

Plus I want the old-style good-natured Captain Marvel with his simple villains to return. I'm tired of "gritty" reality in media in general.