Monday, March 2, 2009

GameCola March Issue Is Here!

Indeedy! The February issue of the humorous online video game newsletter, GameCola, is here! Check it out!

Mega Man 4 screenshot: Dr. Cossack's citadelMy contributions this month include a review of Mega Man 4, a new column about Internet Flash videos called "Flash Flood," and participation in one of this month's podcasts. Just ignore any suggestion that I was in Podcast #4; that's barely true at all.

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If you like GameCola, subscribe to their mailing list by going to the "Free Stuff for Referrals" section, and help me get a chance to win free stuff! Insert your e-mail address under "Your Friend's E-Mail Address," and then under "Your E-Mail Address," enter: nhoover [at] gamecola [dot] net (but, you know, with the "@" and "." and all that instead).

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What are you waiting for? Go read it already!

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