Friday, May 13, 2011

Hey! Look At Us!

Hey! Blogger's back up and running again! Woo-hoo!

That's good. Very good. We missed all of you, and we're sure you all missed us terribly. Um. However. Since it's been a couple of days since Blogger went down for a bit of a vacation...well, ya see...the thing is.


We don't have anything of note to post for today. Or what's left of today, anyway. And, since this post will only be up for a little while before tomorrow's post bumps it off the top spot on the blog, well.

We don't want to put up anything that people might miss.

Which is a trying-really-hard-not-to-sound-like-a-complete-cop-out way of saying that we don't have a real post for today, and we don't have the time to write a real post for today.

Not to fear, though, as I have a long review post cooking for tomorrow about one of my all-time favorite comic books.


So come back tomorrow. Uh...please?

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