Monday, May 2, 2011

Month in Review: April 2011

I'm not even sure how to categorize our posts in April, because the topics we covered and the kinds of posts we wrote were all over the place. I say that in a good way--after a few thematic months in a row, it's good to switch things up with widespread variety. Ooh! Personal stories and philosophical ramblings. That's what we wrote.

Anyhow, here's what we had to offer in April:

-A recap of Nathaniel's contributions this month to GameCola.

-Alex's excuse to show off his original art collection, in not one, but two, posts cleverly titled, Exfanding How To: Commissioning an Artist. (He's not fooling anyone, though.)

-In perfect Exfanding style, a post about something not going right while trying to do something geeky.

-The continuing saga of our sometimes weird, always wonderful, weekly womic weview, Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 3, including issues Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, and Seventeen.

-Two posts about the Blog Thief, and where things stand.

-Yet again, in this post, Alex reminds us of his (awesome and staggering) original comic book art collection.

-Thoughts about having some actual free time on one's hands. And Spaghetti-O's.

-A post about the blog, Star Trek by the Minute, and a possible acquiescence to a certain movie by a certain J.J. Abrams. Maybe.

-A surprisingly coherent rant about Image Comics' recent string of sold out issues.

-Some thoughts about unreasonable expectations, separating the creator from his or her work, and about fandom's tendency to be impatient.

-Because you demanded it... theWorld's Biggest Pac-Man.

-A quick look at what happend when irony came to the Walking Dead.

-A rundown of summer movies that Alex might actually see.

-Nathaniel goes for a drive, and by the end of it, he tries to redesign all the roads in New Jersey.

-Like Bob Ross before him, Nathaniel finds the joy of painting. Um. I mean, writing. The Joy of Writing.

-Alex writes about having too much work. And being annoyed. And getting old. Yeah, it's a real uplifting post.

-Speaking of uplifting. This actually is. Uplifting, I mean. *Sigh* Just read it.

-Nathaniel on trying not to have Portal 2 spoiled by the Internet before he has a chance to play it. (Don't tell him, but it was all a dream.)

-What's this? Actual reviews by Alex? Of comic books? On this blog? Yep; two of them, actually.

-An audience participation post dealing with archiving old articles.

-Possibly the best (read: most blatant) cop-out post in the history of this blog.

-And, finally, Nathaniel buys a pair of headphones. Which, if you know him, is significant.

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