Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekend Doings (Or, There is No Try)

I'm writing this post up late Friday afternoon (evening, really), and while I crawl to the finish line of the race that has been this past week, I figured I'd mention a few things that I'm looking forward to attempting to do this weekend.

I say "attempting" because, you see, I am a bad geek. I still haven't seen Thor, and despite the fact that I really don't love the whole movie theater experience, I do want to see this flick in theaters.

I didn't go the first week, mostly because I wasn't anywhere near a movie theater, but also because I typically avoid opening nights like the plague.

But there's an X-Men movie that opens tonight, and I'm willing to bet the theater will be pretty crowded. So I'm not going to do that. Oh. Also, I'm still at work, and I plan to be here for quite some time.

So there's that whole problem.

I'm thinking about seeing Thor on Saturday (today, in your fancy future time), but I hear there's supposed to be some kind of apocalypse, though there's a bit of confusion as to what will cause said apocalypse.

Either way, maybe I'll just stay home and read.

Ah. But in order to be able to stay home and read, I need to actually be home. And I won't be, because I'll be out in a mall (hmmm...maybe I should learn something from George Romero), shopping for new clothes for an upcoming (and insanely expensive) trip.

And that should take up most of my day, as I also have to bomb into the office for some overtime reading/editing/teeth gnashing.

So that leaves Sunday. But I have a philosophy about Sundays, you see, and I have a thing about not doing anything on Sundays, other than lie down and watch things move on a screen in my living room.

Preferably baseball.

So Sunday's out, too.

Luckily, I have (half of a) blog, and I can live vicariously through all of our readers. Or the ones who comment on this (ridiculous excuse for a) post. So, please. Comment away, and tell me why you're (way) cooler than me.

And enjoy your apocalypse.

We'll be back tomorrow (or will we?) with more nonsense.

(Also, I totally spelled "apocalypse" right every time in this post without using the spell check. So at least I have that going for me.)

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