Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 3, Issue 21

Holy lingering deadlines, Batman! I'm swamped with work this week, and I need to blow through this as fast as humanly possible.


Welcome to week 21 of this year's Waiting for Wednesday! Hard to believe we've made it into the 21st week of the year, but time marches on and all that. Speaking of time, it's time for me to hurry the heck up!

Let's do this week's featured books Flash-style.

First up, from DC, we have the trade paperback collection of the excellent Brian Wood-penned series, Dv8: Gods and Monsters.
Now, considering I had very little clue as to who any of these characters were going into this mini-series, I feel like I can safely recommend this book to absolutely anyone looking for a good, new read.

I wrote about this series as the single issues came out week to week, and I'm quite comfortable in calling Dv8 one of my favorite books of 2010. I'm a big Brian Wood (Demo, The New York Four) fan, and I love Rebekah Isaacs' (Magus, Ms. Marvel) art.

Put them together, and you have a winner. Here's the solicitation information from DC:

The super powered losers, freaks and masochists of DV8 have seen a lot, but it's nothing compared to this! As Gem Antonelli (a.k.a. Copycat) is debriefed in a holding cell, the story of how eight troubled teens were briefly gods of a prehistoric world unfolds in this collection of the 8-issue miniseries!

It's a great little series, and it's an eccentric super hero story with great characters. So if you're tired of the tried-and-true capes and tights approach to storytelling, give this book a go.

Next up, from Image, we have another first issue with some buzz behind it. From the writing team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (Power Girl, Jonah Hex) The Tattered Man one-shot ships today.
Yet another result of an interesting blurb in Previews and some great looking art, The Tattered Man looks to be a mix of horror and action, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the creative team has in store for us.

Here's the info from Image on the book--and take note that it's priced at $4.99 for 40 pages:

JIMMY PALMIOTTI & JUSTIN GRAY (JONAH HEX, TIME BOMB, RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE) and NORBERTO FERNANDEZ (ERIKA, X-MEN) ask the question: Who is the Tattered Man? A spirit of vengeance spawned from the concentration camps of Germany Lies dormant till it is resurrected in modern day new york and finds although times have changed, its work is far from done. Horror and heroics mix, and the results are deadly.

I recently read Palmiotti and Gray's run on Power Girl over at DC, and I loved it. That book was action-packed and filled with funny, quirky character moments.

Tattered Man will be one of those books that retailers may not order in large numbers, so if the premise sounds interesting to you, I'd suggest giving your local shop a call to reserve a copy.

And with that, unfortunately, I need to fly.

That's about the quickest I've ever written one of these up, so here's hoping that it makes sense and isn't too grammatically nightmarish. Before I head out, though, what are you Waiting for?

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