Thursday, December 1, 2011

Month in Review: November 2011

Alex forgot that Halloween ended in October, and I spent the entire month talking about or being away for my wedding. That is pretty much the entirety of November here at Exfanding. It was great.

To drive that point home (and to give you a chance to catch up on our stories in their entirety), allow me to list off everything we wrote in November:

- A recap of my slightly obscure contribution to videogame humor website in October

- A tale of pity and woe about an unexpected, unwelcome snow day, and how it robbed Alex of Halloween (complete with one of our favorite sight gags to appear on the blog this year)

- Kind words and a perfectly chosen picture to celebrate my wedding day

- The best link post all year (hint: the word "Bat-Flat" might be applicable), and an honorable mention link post of famous authors' rejection letters

- Brief thoughts about Rob Zombie's Halloween reboot, plus a (possibly surprising) full-fledged review of the film

- Alex's weekly stream-of-consciousness, usually-about-new-comics feature, Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 3, Issues 45-48, covering a robbery, Snyder and Capullo's Batman, pre-Thanksgiving comics shopping, and Archie Meets KISS

- A guest post from a would-be Trekkie

- Apprehension about the number eleven

- Satellite radio's revival of the 90's, and Soundgarden/Audioslave lead singer Chris Cornell's new album

- Alex's discovery that he can blog from his phone

- My return to blogging, following a wedding and a week of being completely unplugged

- My wedding saga, in nauseatingly geeky detail: the invitations, the flowers, the favors, the icebreakers, the wedding, the reception, and the honeymoon

- Alex becomes an original art dealer, and writes about the sale

- A celebration of Thanksgiving, filled with the same great comics covers I'm pretty sure we post every year, along with a video that totally doesn't fit the theme

- A mid-season musing on The Walking Dead

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