Monday, March 9, 2009

4000 Hits!

Well, isn't this monumental: Our humble little blog has reached 4000 hits! Cue the party hats and kazoos.

I understand that at least 2/3 of all blogs are abandoned within one month of their creation. We've been at this for, what, about 7 months now? That makes us, like, 4 years old in blog years. Crazy, right?

I assure you that there are no plans of letting up any time soon. We're enjoying this far too much.

Thanks once again (did we thank you before?) to all our subscribers, Loyal Minions, poll voters, and Facebook fans. All two of you.

We love you, too, other readers, but we pine for the day that you will become subscribers, Loyal Minions, poll voters, and/or Facebook fans.

"Gee," all your friends without a computer are saying, "We wish we also had a computer so that we could become subscribers, Loyal Minions, poll voters, and/or Facebook fans."

Notice the subtle advertising there. Subtlety is our specialty subscribe to our feed.

Remember: Each hit is one step closer to 5000, at which point Alex will either get sucked out an airlock or be exposed to another of my fandoms--whichever is deemed less likely to cause lasting damage at the time.

Space Quest V screenshot: Roger gets sucked out the Eureka airlockI can't wait.

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