Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Waiting For Wednesday, Issue 2

In case anyone is hanging onto the edge of their seats after my post yesterday about the status of my original graphic novel...well, let's just say I don't want to talk about it.

Not right now, anyway. Today will likely be one of those days at the office where some teeth-gnashing and fist clenching is involved, and I'm sure there will be an argument or three over the latest missed deadline by my artist. He did manage to send over two more pages yesterday afternoon, so now he's officially one day late, and four pages short. But the two pages he did send were quite good.


So, in lieu of me having a rage-induced stroke at the keyboard this morning, I'd much rather just give you a run down of this week's comic releases that I'm most looking forward to. And, no, smart guy, I will not say something like, "well, my book would be a release I'm looking forward to buying, if it wasn't currently 50 pages short of a finished product." So there.

And now, onto this week's captivating (always, utterly captivating) Waiting For Wednesday.

First up is the most important comic book of all time. Okay, so maybe that's a stretch, but--ya know what? No, it is the most important comic book of all time. Today sees the release of The Goon, issue 32, which is the Official Tenth Anniversary Issue of The Goon! You know how I feel about The Goon, so all's I'm gonna do is flash the cover right quick:

The Goon 10th Anniversary coverSo, Happy Anniversary to everyone involved with The Goon, and a big congrats to series creator Eric Powell!

Next up, we have Locke & Key: Head Games, issue three. This series is written by Joe Hill, son of horror writer Stephen King. This is the second volume of Locke & Key stories from Hill, and this series is in my top ten favorite monthly books. Here's the cover to this week's issue:

Locke & Key: Head Games coverAnd, instead of me trying in vein to explain what the series is about, here's the word straight from the writer's Web site:

Following a horrifying tragedy, the surviving members of the Locke family relocate to Lovecraft, Massachusetts, to start new lives in the ancestral family manse: Keyhouse. Their new residence soon turns out to be a place of shadows and wonders, with a secret door leading to the world of ghosts, and something stirring down in the well...

Head Games follows the original mini-series and, so far at least, is just as entertaining and, frankly, creepy as all get out. The art on this book is beyond words (Hmmm...thinking about that last comment a bit, I realize that all art is beyond words...since it's art...and not...words. Right.)

Anywhatchamacallit (remember whatchamacallits? Do they still make them?), onto the next. Third on this week's list is Deadpool, issue eight, written by Daniel Way and drawn by Paco Medina.

Deadpool #8 coverDeadpool is fast becoming a favorite character of mine, and this current series is very solid. As a character, Deadpool often breaks down the fourth wall, and his books in the past have always been written with great humor and crazy violence. Issue eight is a Dark Reign tie-in, and from the cover at least, it looks like Deadpool may be in for some good old fashioned comic book violence when he comes up against a certain "superhero" team.

And, finally, we have House of Mystery, issue 11, from Vertigo. I've talked about this series in the past, so you know how much I enjoy it. Here's the cover:

House of Mystery #11 coverThis issue marks the beginning of a new story arc, so it's probably a good place for new readers to jump on board and give the book a shot.

And that's it for me this week. What about you? What are you all waiting for this week?


Anonymous said...

Supposedly Volume 4 of the limited run "X-men and Spider-man" mini-series came out today, but I'll have to wait until Friday to pick it up.

AJG said...
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AJG said...

Yep, according to Diamond, that book is due out this week. I hear good things about it, and I might pick it up when it's collected in a trade.