Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Links and Things

It was a busy week in comics and the overreaching geek universe, so a link post is in order for this weekend.

--First, an interesting announcement from comics company BOOM! Studios that they have made a distribution deal with newsstands to sell their upcoming Disney/Pixar-related comics releases, including a series of Incredibles comics. Check out the announcement here.

This is a pretty big deal, as comics just don't show up on newsstands anymore. And who knows? Maybe this will lead to wider distribution, larger audiences, and maybe even younger readers, that ever-elusive comics demographic.

--As happy as that first item makes me, this one, unfortunately...not so much. While I am pretty uninitiated when it comes to anime, this bit still comes as a downer. As yet another sign of trouble over at Wizard Entertainment, Newsarama is reporting that Wizard's Anime Insider magazine will be going under.

As the death knell of paper publishing continues to toll, publication of AI will end with the upcoming issue number 67. Here's the story.

--As Nathaniel reported on yesterday, the great Occasional Superheroine blog, written by Valerie D'Orazio, will soon be closing shop. This is sad news for all of us who have read that blog on a daily basis over the years, and we wish Valerie the very best.

Now, on a somewhat personal note, about a month after Nathaniel and I launched our own little blog, Valerie had a call out for sites to be listed on her blog roll. We sent in our info, crossed our fingers, and waited. When we received word back that she would, in fact, add Exfanding to her list, we were both overjoyed, and we took it as a big vote of confidence from someone for whom we have great respect. So, thanks OC!

Oh, and just a reminder, if you're interested in purchasing a PDF of Valerie's "Memoirs of an Occasional Superheroine," you can do so by clicking here.

--And, finally, an awesome Watchmen-themed installment from the Web comic VG Cats. Check it, here. Thanks for the heads-up, Shannon!

Well, that's all the geeky goodness I've got in me for today. Happy weekend, everyone!

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