Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nathaniel Rediscovers YouTube

Once upon a time, YouTube videos had one format: garbled and blurry. Now, YouTube has added a second format: beautiful.

At long last, viewers have the option to watch YouTube videos in Higher Quality (TM).

Basically any YouTube video you've ever seen is the result of serious audio and video degredation due to conversion and compression, which makes great videos look okay, and halfway decent videos look putrid. Higher Quality (TM) appears to leave the original video file in its original format, which means that great videos still look great, and halfway decent videos still look halfway decent.

Of course, I uploaded my run of the original Mega Man about a week before Higher Quality (TM) was introduced. I am pleased to report that I have re-uploaded my entire run to take advantage of this new development, so you can view these prettified videos on my YouTube channel or on this blog in a revamped previous post.

But wait! There's more! I am also pleased to report that my run of Mega Man 2 is now online as well. There were still some hiccups and some frustration in the making of these videos, but the whole process was at least a little easier because I knew what I was doing this time around. These videos are also on my YouTube channel, but you can watch them right here, right now.

(Please, please hit the "HQ" button [or whatever the modern equivalent is] to experience them in high quality. Your ears will thank me.)

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